TrustPlutus is a multi family office that places our clients in the centre and recommends products and services that address client need(s), meet suitability criteria from a risk and return standpoint and are priced with a value for money orientation. We believe in an open architecture and do not carry any bias in favour of our own proprietary wealth management products in our recommendations.

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Our aim is to become your trusted advisor and serve you and your family across generations


Determine your risk profile

We will ask you relevant questions to determine your risk profile using the "FinaMetricaTM" tool


Help create an asset allocation that suits your risk profile

We will create an asset allocation that suits your risk profile and allocate money as per the desired asset allocation


Invest into recommended products

Allocation is towards products that are thoroughly due diligenced and approved by our Investment Advisory Board


Perform periodic portfolio reviews

We periodically review your portfolio and track its performance versus our agreed goal

Registered investment advisors investment advice

Our analytical vigour, strong governance, wisdom and insight enables us to provide relevant solutions to our clients

Our mission is to do what is right for our clients at all times

We believe that we have a fiduciary responsibility towards our clients and need to recommend solutions that best serve the interests of our clients

Why TrustPlutus?

A client–centric advisory platform offering bespoke wealth solutions.

We are committed to providing goal based investment advisory and family office structure through a scientific and disciplined process.

What we offer

Best financial advice

How does it work?


Risk Profiling

We determine your risk profile and also determine your short and long term goals


Asset Allocation

We create an asset allocation that is in-line with your risk profile


Investment Advice

We recommend appropriate products that are aligned with your asset allocation irrespective of whether they are proprietary or third party managed


Portfolio Review

All investments are consolidated and tracked. You can access all of your holdings through the portal or through our mobile app

TrustPlutus was declared the 1
runner up, Asia region in the 3
PlanPlus Global financial planning awards.

The collective wisdom of the TrustPlutus team combines multi cycle experience with multi asset class exposure and handling diverse client needs.